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Special thanks to…


Julie Becker (Robin, Writer, Editor, Director)

Julie Becker is a theatre artist living in New York City. She mostly makes experimental/devised physical theatre and performance art. Sitting down and making an audio drama was a first, though she’s also worked on a short films, costumes, masks, and in other mediums.
She started reading Animorphs in 2nd grade in 1996 after picking up #2 The Visitor from the Scholastic Book Fair, and began rereading the series as the audiobooks were being released in 2020. Sporadic Phantoms is a product of many things, but mostly pent up energy and ideas from being unable to make live performance, and re-experiencing Animorphs as an adult during COVID.
She lives with her bigger-than-a-regular-cat Cyggy, and her roommates, in Queens. She works as a kids’ entertainer (Joolie Bagoolie) for her day job.

Abbey Savoie (Stevie)

Abbey lives near Boise, Idaho with her teenage son, 5 cats, and two dogs. She started reading Animorphs in 1998 and likes to read through the series about once a year. She has a small Animorphs tattoo that matches a few other fans’. Animorphs was the base for many of her longtime friendships and her love for animals.

Abbey likes to volunteer and has done so for a women’s crisis center, animal shelters/fostering, and the YMCA. She likes to try out many hobbies and arts, but never long enough to get very good at one. Sporadic Phantoms was Abbey’s first attempt at acting.

Outside of her work in retail management, she spends her mornings at the gym and enjoys going to the movies alone.


Max Pacheco (Kyle)

Max Pacheco lives in beautiful Cambridge, MA with his shame and his massive collection of comic books. He has seen approximately 3600 movies and has read several books without any pictures. He has fond memories of reading Animorphs in a tent in his backyard during his childhood summers and explaining what Z Space is to his parents during long New England winters. He has some formal acting training but mostly just taps into the worst parts of himself to portray Kyle. He would like to thank Julie Becker above all for her hard work and support. Also hi Betzie you owe me a Cinnabon.


Nate Varnadoe (Hedrick Chapman)

Nate Varnadoe is an Elder Millenial with aspirations of becoming a professional entertainer. When he’s not streaming, voice acting, or podcasting, he’s most likely in his wood shop, at his day job, or spending time with his wife and child. He enjoys D&D, video games, board games, and any other game you throw at him. He likes all things fantasy and sci-fi, collects X-Men comics, and loves ska and Animorphs in equal amounts.

Nate plays as Zac on Dungeons & Dracon Beams, an Animorphs AU Actual Play, and is one-third of Soup Salad Sandwich, a podcast about food and arguments.

He also streams video games and occasional other nonsense on, is on Twitter @SplintersmithNC, and you can find his woodwork all over the internet by searching The Splintersmith.

Belinda headshots-1

Belinda Ju (Elizabeth Li)

Belinda Ju is a coach for startup founders, writer, dancer, and convener of a meditation community (which is not a cult). However, as Elizabeth, she’s relished being a brainwashing, gaslighting cult leader. She’s also proud to feature in the podcast’s origin story, when Julie first shared ideas about a project inspired by alternate reality games while they stood in a long, socially distant line at IKEA as a high-frequency anti-rat repellent shrieked. Although a fan of science fiction/fantasy, Belinda never read the Animorphs as a child and still hasn’t, despite the year-long run of season one (oops). Depending on plans for season 2, Belinda hopes to upgrade from her “recording studio” of hiding under a heavy down comforter on her bed. You can learn more about her and say hello at


Zoe Michelle Bradshaw (Jess)

Zoe Michelle Bradshaw is a music and psychology major at Salisbury University and the vocalist of indie folk duo Places That Aren’t Alabama. In her spare time, Zoe Michelle plays quidditch and collects rubber ducks.


MJ Lambert (Tom)

Michael “MJ” Lambert is (at the time of season one) a senior in high school and a future freshman at Georgia Tech. When not pretending to be the older evil brother in part of a galactic war, he plays and coaches tennis, practices his trumpet skills, and composes music for him and his friends to perform.

Jay Archer (Maddy)

Jay Archer, at the time of season one a Junior in High School, spends his free time making art, writing stories, and annoying his cats (in his defense, they were just asking for it- they shouldn’t have been so cute in the first place). Although this is first time entering the voice acting scene, he’s been enjoying every second of it.

Meghan Griffin (Nicole)

Meghan Griffin is a self-proclaimed amateur author who, after some time in New York City with no air conditioning, returned to the… unfortunately, still painfully hot summers of Atlanta, Georgia. She currently lives in a full household with three cats, an amazing roommate, and a guinea pig named Toast. When she is not analyzing airplanes and airports in order to pay the bills, she spends her time writing short stories, novellas, and audio dramas. She also loves cross stitching, crocheting, as well as cohosting a monthly book-club podcast and a Monster of the Week podcast. It is almost a wonder she has time to talk about movies and televisions shows on Twitter and be one of those annoying foodies on Instagram. She can be found on social media at @MeggGriffin.


Ryan Murphy (Richard Dolon)

Ryan Murphy is a video maker and stop motion animator who has been collaborating with many of the creators and contributors of Sporadic Phantoms for several years. He is 35 years old and a lifelong resident of Massachusetts, which has served as a longstanding inspiration for the strange and unusual subjects that tend to be his sources of inspiration. His video and other podcast work can be found at where he works with longtime collaborators Kevin James and Neil Cicierega.


Tara Lepore (Nancy Candleton)

Taormina (Tara) Lepore is a true blooded Animorphs nerd, with the Yeerk tattoo to prove it.

A Bostonian at heart, Tara lives in the Berkeley, California area with her partner (and fellow Sporadic Phantoms voice actor), Jessi, and their void cat – Sid. They’re a PhD candidate in evolutionary biology at UC Berkeley.

You can follow their paleontology and science education work at or by following her on Twitter @taorminalepore


Phaedra Eason (Dr. Michelle Greene)

Phaedra has been a dancer for over 30 years and jumped into the voice acting world in 2020. She has enjoyed success with it so far, and you’ll be able to hear her voicing the character of Sadie Boltivar in the upcoming audio drama, Starfell.


Joe Botsch (Peter Stinton, Barry)

Joe Botsch is an illustrator and musician in Somerville, Mass who revels in all things spooky. You can visit @donotreadcomics on Instagram or to see his ink work and comics, and @YourFriendsinHell or for some great tunes.


Shaoul Rick Chason (Waiter/Ax)

Shaoul Rick Chason is a Brooklyn-based actor-playwright and baritone. He has written surreal, transgressive dark comedies that have played along the East Coast, including “Berlin; or, The Part of You That Wants It: A Musical Comedy Love Story (Written by Accident)” and “The Golden Shower”. As a performer, he has worked in the American Northeast specializing in Shakespeare, opera, Persian mythological theater, and spiritually-driven experimental work. More recently, Shaoul has translated a series of Persian plays set soon to be published and contributed a chapter to an upcoming book of essays on American musical theater. Follow him on Instagram @rickchason.


Jessi Honard (Oatmeal Truth teen, Sharing member, NIN mom, etc.)

Jessi Honard is a science fiction and fantasy author, entrepreneur, and professional coffee-inhaler.

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Jessi currently lives in the Bay Area of California with her partner (and fellow Sporadic Phantoms voice actor), Tara, and her cat, Obsidian.

Her debut contemporary fantasy novel, Unrelenting, releases in April 2022. You can learn more about her current and upcoming projects at or by following her on Twitter @jessihonard


Lisa Lang (Ms. Paloma, Cinnabon/E-Skoort/Speed Dating Woman/BYN participant)

Lisa Lang is a Boston based mixed media artist. Among her many skills, she also acts and performs comedy. Her work can be found at


Mark Gallagher (E-Skoort/Speed Dating Man/BYN participant)

Mark Gallagher is a stand up comedian. He has performed stand up and one person shows all across New England for the past decade.


Ian Buck (Be You Now participant, Oatmeal Truth teen)

Austin Chaudoin (Jason)

Neil Cicierega (Nice Is Neat music/Kent Dazzler)

Korrey Cloud (Speed Dating Man 1)

Kameron Duncan (Oatmeal Truth teen)

Flavia Fazenda (Pamella Gomez)

Betzie Gagne (Blair)

Scott Gagnon (Fish and Wildlife Service Officer)

Bryce Gibson (Justin Chambers)

Frank Guglielmelli (Mr. King)

Callie Hansen (Melissa)

Michael Jaeckle (Dealin’ Dan Hawke)

Kevin James (Jeff Cordova)

Jess Lambert (FWS Voicemail Message)

McKinsey Lambert (Oatmeal Truth teen)

Patty Lee (Helen)

Tim Lowe (Speed Dating Man 2)

Kimra Luna (E-Skoort VO)

Amber Mastrobattista (Turtlebae04, Be You Now participant)

Dan Mueller (Be You Now participant)

Marcus Myge (Tech guy)

Dazia Noir (Chee singer, McDonald’s jingle singer)

Maria Phillis (Be You Now participant, playground controller)

Alex Platt (Alanna, Helen’s production assistant)

Q Quigley (Beach dune controller)

Robin Robbins (These Messages VO: Cinnabon, The Gardens, Barry and Cindy Sue, Nice is Neat)

Nora Scanlan (Cindy Sue)

Taylor Schmidt (Forest Ranger, Andy, Harold, Sharethetruth voice)

Cali Sierra (FWS Phone Operator)

Redd Spinks (Controller)

Maddy Spires (Darlene, Sharing commercial teen voice)

Nat Turner (Kim)

Lilly Varnadoe (NIN kid, Gardens kid)

Black Whimsy (McDonald’s VO)

Jessica Whitehall (Be You Now participant, Sharing member)

and of course, K.A. Applegate for creating the incredible source material.