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Season Two

Fear is a tool.

In season two of Sporadic Phantoms, we set out to find the identities of the elusive and dangerous hacker group ShareTheTruth. And what exactly happened to Kyle, Nancy, and Elizabeth? Where are they? Are they all still alive? Are they wrapped up in a cyberterrorist organization? Can any of them potentially lead us to ShareTheTruth? How much of a threat is ShareTheTruth, not only to The Sharing, but to maybe even you?

The police can only do so much in this case. That’s why we will also need the help of our listeners.

Episode 12 - The Invitation - 10/06/23

In the first episode of Season 2, we’re back to continue the investigation, but everything has changed. We need to give our audience important information so they can know how they can help us, and we realize we just might have a way to help bring Kyle back to us.

Episode 13 - The Obstruction - 11/06/23

In episode 13, we cover the events of the day of our interview with Kyle’s parents. And, taking decisive action, we find ourselves somewhere unexpected, where we have a run in with a familiar face. Where this all leaves us adds to our list of questions, but it might have just brought us a step closer to Sharethetruth and Kyle.