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Season One

Episode 11 - The Apology - 01/13/22

Finally, we know the truth. Sporadic Phantoms are joined by Nicole, Hedrick Chapman, and Richard Dolon in our new studio to thoroughly explain the connections between Elizabeth Li, Kyle Stephenson, and Sharethetruth, how they affected The Sharing, and what exactly was going on during Kyle’s livestream. What started in suspicion and paranoia ends in teamwork and togetherness. And a new chapter of the investigation opens.

The Sharing Virtual Meeting 2

**PLEASE NOTE: After listening up to episode 10, please listen to this brief interview between Chapman, Robin, and Stevie, from The Sharing’s 12/12/21 virtual meeting.**

Episode 10 - The Emergency - 11/30/21

Disclaimer: This audio was streamed “live” on our Youtube channel without knowledge or consent of Sporadic Phantoms. Do not believe the contents of this “episode”. Making it available here is simply to show how Kyle has attempted to discredit us and our investigation, through altered audio that is not based in reality. Vandalism of the studio did happen, but clearly as a form of revenge for us kicking him out. We want to believe our listeners have the wherewithal to not be persuaded by such an egregious fabrication. Still it’s important that you are able to hear this, so you will have context for what we will discuss next episode. We have nothing to hide.

Episode 9 - The Confrontation Part II - 10/12/21

In episode 9, Robin and Stevie agree to meet with Hedrick and the other full members- but they make sure that it’s in an open, safe, public space. But first, Robin attends a gathering with other Be You Now members. Then, a confrontation occurs- and Robin and Stevie are left with another big decision to make.

Episode 8 - The Confrontation Part I - 9/16/21

In episode 8, some suspicions get confirmed, and we have to make a difficult decision. It’s getting harder and harder to trust anyone. And for some reason, no one from The Sharing has said anything to us about our investigation, even though they know exactly why we’re involved with them… But they also seem to have plans involving us. So what can we do now?

Episode 7 - The Informant - 8/7/21

In episode 7, we hear back from Richard Dolon, who reveals some unexpected information. Then, we hear about a special Sharing event from Nancy Candleton, which we attend, and we find out there are clearly a number of people who know more about what’s going on than we do. By the end, well…just listen.

Episode 6 - The Interference - 7/2/21

In episode six, we report a wildlife crime to the US Fish and Wildlife Service. We reveal what happened at the end of The Sharing’s live event. Elizabeth Li opens up to Kyle about The Sharing, and we hear about Robin’s Be You Now experience. We reach out to another outside expert who may be able to get to the bottom of this once and for all. But someone might always be one step ahead of us.

Episode 5 - The Excursion - 6/1/21

In our fifth episode, Stevie chaperones Maddy’s youth leadership camp field trip. Robin and Kyle follow along and are able to score an interview with an outside expert. We also learn that there must be some internal conflict within The Sharing…and why would Maddy be involved? By the end, we realize we have another problem on our hands.

Episode 4 - The Appearance - 4/30/21

In episode four, we catch up on what’s been going on after Robin and Kyle’s blowout in the previous episode. We also hear what happened at an environmental event held by The Sharing, and the strange events that took place there and afterwards.

Episode 3 - The Allegation - 3/30/21

In our third episode, I, Robin, have included the Be You Now workshop recordings I obtained, as well as our discussions about said recordings. You can hear the psychological/emotional manipulation that occurs in these workshops within The Sharing. And no, Kyle, I am not giving you the password for you to try to take this episode down.

Episode 2 - The Meeting - 2/20/21

In the second episode, we find our way to a Sharing meeting- encountering various leaders of the organization and people attending the event. Recording covertly on our phones, we aim to simply observe what The Sharing is all about. We eventually discover that we might not be able to trust anyone we meet…

Episode 1 - The Investigation - 1/18/21

We begin our investigation by looking into harmful deforestation activities in a California national forest, and soon discover these activities are linked with a number of dubious companies and organizations.

By the way, this is the website we found –

Season One Trailer

Starting mid-January 2021, follow environmentalist investigators Robin, Stevie, and Kyle as they look into corrupt activities of the logging industry- which leads them to open a can of worms that takes them to where they would never expect.

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