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About Us

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Original message:

Sorry, we can’t really tell you too much about ourselves. For this investigation we have to be careful. Really careful. Just know that we care about our planet, and we have some experience uncovering corruption- though it’s never been quite like this.

Sporadic Phantoms is our investigative podcast series. Episodes are released monthly. We’ll keep going until we’ve figured out enough information and/or illegal activity is properly brought to light. If any litigation is brought against us, unfortunately though we may try to fight it in court it may mean our podcast would have to cease production. We hope it won’t come to that.

We appreciate any leads or information regarding any companies, groups, or individuals mentioned in our investigation.

Updated message (1/14/22):

At this juncture, we appreciate any leads on the identities or whereabouts of the hacker collective Sharethetruth, as well as the whereabouts of Kyle Stephenson, Nancy Candleton, or Elizabeth Li.